Postcards from the PostDoc: My first three months as part of the Fish-WIKS crew.

January through March 2013

I began working with the Fish-WIKS research group in January 2013 and met many of the Steering Committee a few days later during the annual meeting, which took place January 16-18, in Halifax.  My contribution to Fish-WIKS will be to map out the present-day structure and function of fisheries governance and management in Canada. I am keeping a running log of everything that I have been up to, and will post these “Postcards” from time to time. This first one was a summary written to update the research group but then we thought, “Hey, lets put this on the web!” and so Postcards from the PostDoc was born! Click on the hyperlink for a PDF to open and please let me know if you have any comments!

Author: Stephanie Boudreau