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Jeji Varghese

JVargheseAs an environmental and resource sociologist, Jeji’s research focuses on social aspects of environmental issues, with a particular focus on four broad themes:

  • Sustainability of resource dependent communities
  • Voice/power of marginalised groups (including women, indigenous communities, and publics) in resource management
  • Interface between social science research and environmental policy
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning (especially related to student engagement via community-engaged research).

Jeji Varghese completed her PhD (2005, Rural Sociology) in the Department of Rural Economy at the University of Alberta. Her dissertation research focused on the social consequences of local ownership in six forest-dependent communities in Canada. Prior to joining the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Guelph in 2007, she conducted research related to water governance as a Research Associate with the Guelph Water Management Group in the Department of Geography. Her teaching interests include environmental and rural sociology, social dimensions of natural resource management, and qualitative methods. Research Interests:  Environmental, resource and rural sociology; indigenous natural resource governance, and community-engaged qualitative research.

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