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Lucia Fanning

Fanning NW Arm

Dr. Lucia Fanning
Dalhousie University

Lucia has spent the past six years serving as Director of the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University. Prior to coming to Dalhousie University, she was involved in addressing transboundary fisheries governance in the Caribbean Sea where some 45 countries and territories with diverse cultures, politics, economics, laws and environments are working towards enhanced decision-making for the long-term sustainability of the fisheries.

Lucia is passionate about including and raising the awareness of the value of all branches and sources of knowledge to better inform decision-making. She believes that with Fish-WIKS, we have the opportunity to benefit from the contributions of all knowledge systems currently available and is looking forward to having all of the Fish-WIKS partners and especially the students fully engaged in this endeavour.

Lucia lives in a rural part of Halifax Municipality where she enjoys the opportunity to commune with nature on her 26 acre lakeshore property, no matter the season!


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