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Stephen Crawford


Stephen Crawford

B.Sc. – Guelph 1985
M.Sc. – Queen’s 1987
Ph.D. – Guelph 1993


My research program is comprised of three project areas established by the Nawash-UofG Assistant Professorship in Fisheries Ecology and Management. As outlined in the Faculty Partnership, the long-term goals of this collaborative research program are as follows:

  1. To investigate key ecological uncertainties related to dynamics of harvested fish populations in the Great Lakes;
  2. To develop and evaluate Adaptive Resource Management as a basis for Great Lakes fisheries management; and
  3. To improve relationships between Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge and Western Science, especially with reference to Great Lakes ecology.

These goals have been designed to ensure that the First Nations fisheries on the Great Lakes benefit from an effective mix of scientific rigour, participatory decision-making, and cross-cultural communication of ecological knowledge. With these research tools available to them, First Nations such as Nawash can ensure that they are protecting their fisheries and associated Aboriginal and Treaty Rights for future generations.

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